Catalysing Urban Renewal

HBS Realtors is fast gaining reputation in being a specialist in the redevelopment business and delivering regeneration solutions across Mumbai with the aim of delivering future growth in shareholder value. We have undertaken several redevelopment projects totalling more than 25 lakh sq.ft. with some of the most exciting real estate spaces to invest, own and enjoy. We pride ourselves in exceeding our clients' aspirations by catalysing urban renewal and improving the quality of real estate and infrastructure. Our successful partnerships on a variety of redevelopment schemes over last few years illustrates our experience and ability to understand, adapt to and deliver exceptional

innovative high-quality schemes, regardless of the mix of tenures, uses, or scale of development. Our focus is to continue to preserve and enhance cultural, historical and community assets and to ensure the community's cultural fabric is not compromised.

Our strategy is to devise an urban impact and deliver a comfortable and modern neighbourhood. We create efficient spaces to improve the property's economic value. The capabilities and resources of our corporate structure are filtered through to our regional businesses, where they combine with in-depth local knowledge to deliver

economies of scale, best practices, and bespoke solutions to meet the needs of neighbourhoods and communities. Through astute project management and well-chosen contractors and vendor partners, we manage the delivery of world-class residences. Our Business Units engage with local and national suppliers and are supported by our dedicated inhouse Project Management Group (PMG) and ArchStudio. This enables in providing consistency, innovation, engagement with all our clients and the extraction of synergies across the breadth of our business.