Sustainability - Building a sustainable future

  • Health and Safety
  • Environment & Climate Change
  • Our People
  • Community
  • Customers
  • Supply Chain

We are committed to a policy of effectively managing all aspects of health, safety and welfare. We maintain our fundamental belief that everyone has the right to return home unharmed at the end of each and every working day.

At HBS Realtors we recognise that protection of the environment is amongst the greatest challenges we face, both as a society and a business. We recognise that we have a key part to play through minimising the environmental impact and carbon footprint of our operations and the long-term sustainability of the products and services we provide.

Central to our culture is the value we place on our employees, whom we seek to support through an employment relationship founded on fairness, equity, consistency, and trust. The cornerstone of our human resource management strategy is the measures we have developed to manage employee relations and generate high performance teams. Our inclusive organisational culture encourages our employees to act with integrity at all times and to treat each other and all our stakeholders with respect. Our Code of Business Conduct sets out our expectations for all employees. We continue to be committed to our employee survey as a means of giving employees a voice and an opportunity to influence change within their businesses.

We engage with the community by contributing through our core activities such as providing open green spaces, recreational facilities, affordable housing and transport infrastructure. We are engaging with the communities and individuals in each of the areas we operate in. We ensure that our operations are integrated into the local community in terms of promoting safety on building sites through local campaigns; keeping local residents and organisations informed about construction plans and progress; and participating in community work.

Our customers are central to our sustainability philosophy. We believe that our realty projects should considerably improve the environment and conditions that our customers occupy and use. This translates into providing people with better homes and lifestyle; businesses with enhanced working and manufacturing environments; and the country with new modern cities to aid India's growth without burdening existing saturated cities.

Our aspiration is to promote a more structured approach to supply chain management and promote our own principles and practices to those who we work with. We believe in keeping long-term relationships with our service providers to our business, so that we have the ability to provide the highest standards for our clients and customers. By working closely with them, we improve the quality of service to our clients, increase efficiency and address key performance requirements. Through early engagement and working in partnership with these suppliers, we can address key performance requirements for health, safety, environmental and other CR matters. We also carry out some of our projects in joint ventures with business partners who share similar sustainability ideals as ours.