Who We Are?

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We are HBS Realtors.

We are in the business of creating new value propositions by innovatively applying virgin land and existing old developments to unlock the best land potential - providing people with better homes and lives; businesses with enhanced working and manufacturing environments; and the country with infrastructure needed for its growth.

HBS Realtors is unlike many others in the realty sector. We are a hybrid business – a fusion of residential, commercial and infrastructure development with solid regeneration expertise. We combine a strong regional focus and real understanding of local perspectives with highly experienced specialist services – all within the Group.

Most importantly, we have committed and experienced people, with the ability to identify solutions and quickly realise a vision. Our business model is based on having strong, diversified and yet integrated business, further supported by reliable investment partners and a sturdy balance sheet.

Residential Regeneration, Commercial spaces and Infrastructure development are the core activities of the HBS Realtors Group. We have all the expertise in-house to deliver for our clients: community consultation, land assembly, technical and commercial appraisals, construction, sales and property services and an excellent track record of public private partnerships.

The Group's all-encompassing skills and experience enable us to offer efficient solutions to the most complex challenges, making us an industry leader with substantial completed projects under our belt – a reflection of our focus on building sustainable communities through innovation and transformation.